Five fall tips for Sedona homes

Sedona homes and fall preparationsWith the heat Sedona in August, it’s easy to forget that fall is just around the corner. The cool air, countless gorgeous hues of colors, and many pleasant evenings around the bonfire await us.  Being above 4000′ in elevation in Sedona does mean it can get cold and it can snow.  There are certain measures that you need to consider when preparing for the autumn season.

As a  Sedona Arizona homeowner, it’s necessary that you take specific steps in which to keep your home’s condition as well as your budget. So let’s explore 5 critical areas you should review in the upcoming weeks to be thoroughly prepared for precisely what lies ahead:

  • Regular central heat maintenance: Don’t be reluctant to schedule an appointment for your furnace. While trying to juggle work obligations, children, school, chores, and much more, this is one of the areas that could often be overlooked.  Still a couple of hundred dollars now is considerably more sensible than a couple of thousand bucks later on. Maintain your central heater in very good operating condition and be sure you’re prepared for the colder temperatures.
  • Clean off your roof: As the leaves and pine needles start to fall (it’s not all cactus here!), it’s important that you protect your roof from unwanted moisture. Take some time to clean up off all waste that builds up before the cold months of winter and be sure that your roof is patched from any basic deterioration.  This will be particularly vital when winter snowfall starts to build up. Also, clean out your rain gutters and scan the area around the chimney likewise. If there appears to be any places where water might leak in then it might be time to phone a professional.
  • Prepare Your Water lines: First of all, don’t forget to unscrew any hoses or nozzles attached to the outdoor taps. For those who are utilizing underground sprinklers, take the time to force out any excess water from the summer time. Also, cleaning up your septic system a very good idea prior to the temperatures hit freezing.
  • Common Crack Repair & Landscape: For those who have minor sidewalk or concrete damage, right now can be a great time for you to fill up several of the areas with something like Quikrete to avoid further deterioration. This can help to keep water and dampness out, once snow strikes. Also, make sure you clean out the areas round your home where leaves have fallen, and cut back all other trees or shrubs.
  • Insulating material & Energy Efficiency: This can be a huge money waster! For those people who are seldom at home and also constantly on the run, you might want to consider investing in a programmable thermostat. This can save you a lot of money by reducing needless energy expenses. Especially with the increase in most utilities charges, this would certainly be thought about.  Additionally, are there locations about your windows, doorways or elsewhere that could be allowing cold air to get in your house? Consider possibly having these spots sealed or perhaps purchasing some new products. Depending on how long you plan to reside at the current home, the expense might certainly be warranted.

Hopefully you’ve found these 5 tips to be of use and informative. Please stop by again soon, because we update our Sedona Homes blog with useful ideas routinely.

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